Drinks for Events: Signature Cocktails

April 25, 2018

It's becoming increasingly popular at weddings and events to serve some type of signature cocktail. If you're weighing the options when it comes to alcohol for an event, there are many benefits to this route. A "Beer + Wine + Signature Cocktail" menu provides the perfect amount of options for any guest, without breaking your budget. Furthermore, it's much simpler to plan quantities for a singular cocktail than a fully stocked bar. Guests will also enjoy the shortened wait time, as bartenders can focus on the one cocktail for the night while refilling wine and beer. 

Planning Your Signature Cocktail

Some of our tips when it comes to signature cocktails include:

  • Keep it simple - Most tried-and-true cocktails of our day have just a few ingredients. Sticking to a few limited ingredients will help your bartender and your budget.
  • Make it fun - The signature cocktail is another opportunity to express your personality at an event or wedding. Either create your own, or use a well-known recipe and rename it something that is in line with your theme.
  • Be realistic - While you may love some new trendy, rare liqueur that you had at the city's swankiest rooftop bar, an event is probably not the place to showcase it for a few reasons. A universal flavor, or at least something recognizable, will be much more well-received with your guests. Also, consider the cost of multiplying that unique bottle times your needed number of cocktails and realize it may not be budget-friendly.

Our Favorite Signature Cocktail Recipes

Here are some of our favorite tasty and simple ideas for signature cocktails for weddings/events.

Pink Bikini

3 parts raspberry lemonade
2 parts coconut rum
1 part amaretto

Combine over ice.

Blushing Bride

1 shot vodka
1 shot peach schnapps
Orange juice
Cranberry juice

Combine liquor and fill the rest of the way with juices and ice to your liking.

Traditional Mule

1 part vodka
2 parts ginger beer
lime wedge

Combine vodka and ginger beer. Squeeze lime wedge on top.

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