Skinny Drinks for Diets

January 29, 2018

The beginning of the year is always the time to become consious of what we’re putting in our bodies. If you’re like many people and on a health kick this time of the year, don’t fret! Unless you’re on a strict “no alcohol” diet, there are several beverages that you can have that aren’t the worst for you.


Old Fashioned (155cals)


Dark liquor is always going to be higher in calories in general, and if you can't drink it straight, an Old Fashioned is the way to go. Bitters add a little flavor (without the calories) and a single sugar cube is often enough to make even sensitive palettes happy.

Vodka Soda (96cals)

Not the most exciting of beverages, but it’s relatively low in calories. Soda is a great alternative to tonic water, as it has 0 calories. Use a gluten-free vodka like Tito’s and you’re good to go! Lime wedges actually make this simple cocktail pretty refreshing.

Champagne (90cals)


Believe it or not, most champagnes aren’t laden with calories. A usual flute of champagne (4 oz) has MUCH less calories than a glass of wine, mixed drink, or beer. Pop the bubbly!

Rum & Diet Soda (96cals)

Many cocktails can have their calories cut in half (or more!) if you just switch the regular soda for diet! Once you add rum or your liquor of choice, you almost can’t tell the difference.

Wondering about another favorite beverage? Check out this graphic from Paste Magazine to see how your go-to bar order stacks up. You might be surprised!

When your friends are celebrating and offering a toast, don't feel like you have to sit one out. Any bar you frequent will have the ingredients to make at least one of these drinks. So live it up and enjoy 2018.