Father’s Day Gift Guide for Beer Lovers

June 11, 2019

What gift can perfectly capture just how much your Dad means to you? If you're asking us at Sinkers, our answer will always be BEER! You can't go wrong when you give your beer-loving Dad one of these awesome gifts. In fact, you may end up being his favorite child after all… 

Beer Gift Ideas for the Classic Beer Drinker  

When you think back on your childhood days, do you remember Dad drinking his favorite American brew out of a silvery blue can? Is that still his beer of choice 20-some years later?

Six-Pack Sampler

Maybe it's time for you to introduce your classic beer-drinking Dad to the variety and creativity available in modern craft brews. Hit up one of our friendly beer experts in the store for personalized recommendations based on your Dad's current favorite brand. Or, create a six-pack sampler to introduce him to the wonders of craft brews. We recommend choosing a mix of lighter and darker beers so Dad can see the beautiful possibilities beyond the classic American lager. 


Yeti Colster®

Need something to go along with the new brews? Grab Dad a Yeti Colster® to keep his new favorite beer nice and cold. Not familiar with the Colster®? Think beer koozie meets cooler. The Colster® will keep both cans and bottles ice cold for hours, and won't leave wet rings in your table either. 


Beer Gift Ideas for the Adventurous Dad

If your Dad is always up for an adventure, help him explore new brews, and document the experience. Since we're lucky to have some pretty great breweries here in Nashville, plan a day to tour some of your local favorites. Use our Nashville Brewery Tour guide as a starting point to plan an unforgettable day spent with Dad bonding over new brews. Looking for extra credit? Use our comprehensive list of Local Craft Breweries to plan another adventure together.

Another cool beer gift idea to complement the brewery tour is a special notebook to record details on each new brew he tries. Personally, we love this leather Rustico Beer Tasters Log Book, but there are several similar journals available online. These handsome journals will let your Dad geek out over the nuances of each beer with space for tasting notes, date and location of brewing, and other details. 


Beer Gift Ideas for the Long-Distance Dad

Not all of us are lucky enough to have our Dads nearby. If you need something that can be shipped easily, check out these beer gift ideas. 

Magnetic Bottle Opener 

Opening a bottle with a standard bottle opener is so 1999. Bring your Dad into the new millennium with a magnetic bottle opener. These nifty devices use the power of magnets to gently pull the cap off the bottle. They're super easy to use and vary in design from this sleek version to this wall-mounted versions from Cuisinart

Decorative Beer Cap Holders

Once Dad starts using that magnetic bottle opener, he can begin his collection of beer caps, and Amazon has several varieties of decorative options to display his new collection. We're partial to the wall-mounted USA Beer Cap Map because it'll inspire Dad to try beer from all 50 states. Another favorite of ours is the Beer Bottle Cap Holder Shadow Box. Both options let Dad feel good about cracking open another beer and dropping the cap into his collection. 

Home Brew Kit

If your Dad is ready to take his love of beer to the next level, a home brewing kit just might be the perfect gift. With many options available online, you can find one that fits your budget and your Dad's level of adventure. If you need a place to start your search, check out the highly rated Craft A Brew Home Brewing Kit. It can be customized with the ingredients and instructions to make a variety of beers from American Pale Ale to Chocolate Milk Stout and beyond.

We hope this Father's Day gift guide for beer lovers helps you get your Dad a gift he'll enjoy this year. If you still need a little more help with beer gift ideas, stop in the store for personalized recommendations. We've got plenty in store for the beer aficionado Dads out there.