Semi-Elitist Beers for Summer Keg Cheers

May 4, 2018

5 Kegged Beers for Summer in East Nashville

East Nashville! It’s technically spring, but the Stanley Cup and NBA playoffs are in full swing and the temperature is over 80 degrees, so it’s time for you to order a keg for your summer get-together. Here’s the tricky part: You live in East Nashville, so you can’t risk ordering something that’s going to make you look like an uncultured dolt. That last part was a joke, but ordering your keg is serious business, so let’s get to it.

There’s a crucial balance to ordering a keg in East Nashville. You should avoid ciders, American light lagers, Heineken, and Corona at all costs, but you don’t want to go too pretentious and have a keg of barrel-aged Rodenbach Grand Cru (or maybe you do). Like anything else in life, you want to show that you’ve got good taste without looking like you’re trying hard. Here are five beers from our list of kegs that you can’t go wrong with.

Oskar Blues - Dale’s Pale Ale

Sure, this is low-hanging fruit, but it’s the perfect beer for your purposes. First off, it’s 6.5% ABV, so it’s not so boozy that your guests will be asleep in your yard, but it’s not so watered-down that people will think you like session beers. It’s got the hop profile of an old-school West Coast IPA, and it’s surprisingly refreshing.

Good People - Coffee Oatmeal Stout

It’s not winter, so why are we recommending a stout? East Nashville is all about diversity, and that philosophy applies to beer, too. The oats give COS (that’s what the locals call it) a soft mouthfeel, and there’s enough coffee flavor to make you feel like you’re drinking a cold-brew coffee, when you’re actually just enjoying a cold brew.

Michelob Ultra

Just joking.

Black Abbey - The Rose Belgian Blonde Ale

Here’s a sure crowd-pleaser. You wouldn’t be caught dead with a keg of “regular” blonde ale, but this is a Belgian blonde, so it’s completely acceptable. It’s also delicious and extremely sessionable. The Belgian yeast strain adds the perfect amount of tartness, but without breaking into Gose territory.

Sweetwater - IPA

Too obvious? Maybe. But if you’ve got friends who drink IPA, no one is going to complain. We deliberately chose this instead of their “Goin’ Coastal” IPA because we prefer to get our citrus and tropical flavors the old-fashioned way - from hops. Sweetwater IPA is hoppy, but ridiculously balanced, so it’s easy to drink on a summer day.

Sierra Nevada - Summerfest Lager

This is what a lager is supposed to taste like. It’s not supposed to be brewed with rice (we’re looking at you, Budweiser). Sierra Nevada Summerfest is crisp and refreshing, but it’s got tons of flavor. It might even be too much beer for some folks, but you’re unlikely to have those type of people at your house, are you?

There you go. Five beers that your guests are guaranteed to love. Make sure to order early so we can make sure we get your beer in time.

PS - If you’re a fan of any of the beers that we’ve made fun of in this post, don’t worry: We won’t really make fun of you if you order them.