Thanksgiving Day Wine Pairings

November 14, 2016

To preface these suggestions, Thanksgiving is all about family, gratefulness, and of course, the food. Large family gatherings are rarely the time to try out an exotic bottle of wine to impress. When selecting your Thanksgiving wines, keep in mind your company, your own Thanksgiving cuisine choices (i.e. if you’re serving steak for the holiday, scrap this list.) and your own general opinions. That being said, here are wines that will guide you through a day or night of eating and festivity with family and friends.

Sparkly Toasts

Greet your loved ones with a glass of bubbly to kick off the party. A Champagne or Prosecco will be perfect, just be sure to select a brut version as opposed to one that is too sweet.

The Whites

Sauvignon Blanc

Light and crisp, Sauvignon Blanc pairs beautifully with the heavy flavors that are typically present on a Thanksgiving table. It also has a higher acidity, aiding with digestion.

Pinot Gris

The same grape as a Pinot Grigio, but made in the Alsatian style as opposed to Northern Italian. Spicy character and enough residual sugar to be round and fruity.


For an obviously sweet white, Riesling is the go-to. The specific flavors can range based on region, so you have some reign there.


The Reds

Pinot Noir

Perhaps the most universal choice for a Thanksgiving red, a California Pinot has just the right balance of sweet fruit.


Since Thanksgiving is uniquely American, a Zin is a good American wine to pair. Zinfandel has lots of intense plummy and fruity flavors with spicy notes that pair with the harvest notes in Thanksgiving dinner.

For Dessert


A Port wine is sweet and heavy. Younger versions are fruitier, while older ports have a nuttier flavor.

Asti Spumante

Now is the time to break out the sweeter bubbly. Serve this sparkling wine well chilled for sipping during after-dinner conversation and visiting.

As always, if you want specific wine suggestions, please don’t hesitate to ask any of our sales associates.